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CM-24GF Gravity-Feed Splitter
CM-24GF Gravity-Feed Splitter
  • Splits up to 19 blocks per minute.
  • Positive aligning of block into splitting position. All Blocks split parallel to one side of the unit.
  • Fast, simple adjustment for varying splitting intervals.
  • Fully mechanical principle with rugged gear train. Operates on a 2 H.P. Electric motor, 220 or 440/3/60. Other Electrical specifications upon request.
  • Block fed 1" out of line of desired split line and then pushed over to splitting position. Block is then Split. Block positioner then retracts to receive next unit and split unit rolls out to cubing station. Cycle repeats. Production of up to 1,100 splitting cycles per hour.
  • Easy adjustment of top blade assembly to accommodate all height of block, same as on other Contour-Matic models. Splits from 1" up to full 8" high block in any length up to 24".
  • Feed end of machine has one center adjustable leg to compensate for more or less gravity momentum required for various weight block. Lower feed end of machine for heavier units or raise for lighter units.
CM-24GF Gravity-Feed Splitter
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