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CM-24 EXP Splitter
CM-24 EXP Splitter
  • Hydrostatic Drive
  • Needle Bearings in the Connecting Blocks
  • Dual Chain Drive to the Eccentric Shafts
  • Bearing Diameters Increased in the Sidearms
  • Gibbed Side Knife Mounts with External Adjustment Bolts
  • Heat Treated Cutting Table Gib Plates with Roller Guides
  • Hydraulic Powered Top Head with the Capacity of Raising the Entire Cutting Table and Side Knife Assemblies
  • Programmable Powered Head for Splitting in Recessed Block
  • T-Head Gibbed For Quick Setup
  • Recipes in Memory for Quick Setup
  • Flow Controls and Pressure Adjustments on all Hydraulics
  • Roller Bearing Table Guides
  • Removable Table Top for Easy Access to Bottom Head. Table Plates Available for Most Split Designs
CM-24 EXP Splitter CM-24 EXP Splitter
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