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E&R Manufacturing, Block Splitters, Elmer's Midget Helper, Pitching and Rockfacing Machines. These machines split and reface brick and stone.
Serving Customers World Wide Since 1954.

E & R Manufacturing Company was formed in Frankfort Indiana in 1954 by Elmer Mangis and Randy Boeskool. The manufacturing plant is composed of an office, with drafting and design area, machine shop, assembly area, paint shop , and loading dock, located at 504 N. Ill St. in Kirklin, Indiana 46050.

The company first produced a machine called Elmer's Little Helper. It was hand operated and was used to split, or make into smaller units, brick, cement block, and stone, masonry products. They were called brick splitters or block splitters and most of these smaller machines were sold through dealers to mason contractors, and brick & stone masons.

In 1960, E & R Mfg. Co. moved from a rented building in Frankfort Indiana to a property which Elmer and Randy purchased in Kirklin Indiana. The demand for larger and more automated splitters inspired E & R Mfg. to design machinery to be used in the production of split block material. These machines were sold to cement block producers. Also, a machine was produced to make a rock face or pitched face, on material which had been split. This machine was also used in stone quarries to put a pitched face on natural stone. Another model was produced by E & R Mfg. to put an attractive face on clay brick.

Elmer Mangis and Randy Boeskool retired from the company in 1970, when the present owners, Paul Mangis and Ronald Neese purchased the company. E & R Mfg. Co. employs nine full time employees, and is still producing many of the same machines which split, fabricate, pitchface, and/or rockface masonry material.

These machines are marketed throughout the world, and are used in most foreign countries as well as the United States.

E&R Manufacturing Company Inc., manufactures high quality Block Splitters, Elmer's Midget Helpers, Elmer's Little Helper, Masonry Splitters, Stone Splitters, Paving Stone Splitters, Pitchmasters, Pitching Machines, Rocking Machines, and Rockfacing Machinery.

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